Re: [MV] For sale M125...price reduced...must sell

From: Paul A. Thomas (
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 21:18:19 PST

While I can't buy it myself, I'm trying to find someone local who can and
will: maybe I'll get to play with it!
Is it a 10 Ton as in 10 Tons over land, 20 Tons on the asphalt?

And why such a huge winch up front? It looks almost as big as the old mini




At 08:01 PM 2/19/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Bruce, nice looking 10 ton with an excellent price. I only wish
>I had room for it.
>Regards, John Werner, MVCC/MVPA
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>I am offering up for sale my M125. It is a very nice truck, as many of you
>might know (some know the truck as "Jumbo"). My exact truck was
>restored...frame up...and was featured in 1994 in Mil Veh Mag. You can see
>details and pics at:
>I paid $19,000 to Jack Tomlin in 10/01, which I think was a reasonable price
>for such a nice and rare vehicle. I originally was asking $16,500. I will
>take $12,000 OBO. If you are interested in this very rare (parts are
>readily available...only the complete vehicle is rare) vehicle, please let
>me know.
>The truck sits in a machinery shed...out of the weather. I really need to
>free up the space that Jumbo know occupies. For this reason, I need to sell
>the truck and am negotiable. Although I would like to sell the truck
>outright, I would consider trades. If you either have cash, or cash and an
>interesting vehicle (M151A2, Unimog, etc.), and are interested in an M125,
>let me know. Once its gone...its gone. You will be hard-pressed to find a
>10 ton cargo, let alone one this nice.
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