Is your hobby out of hand?

From: Jeff & Hanna (
Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 02:33:56 PST

You know your Military Vehicle "hobby" has gotten out of hand if...

1. You refer to your 2002 Monte Carlo as "Charlie One", and it has
a "A good driver..." decal on the inside door panel.

2. The local coin-operated car wash is refered to as "the wash rack".

3. The aforementioned Monte Carlo does NOT get parked in the garage,
and has a hint of "34079 Forest Green" overspray on it - as does
everything that IS in the garage.

4.You compulsively watch the Weather Channel and 3 weather websites
HOPING for a crippling snowstorm.

5. "Julio" at Auto Zone has a gallon of 90w and a can of Ether
sitting on the counter for you when you walk in.

6. You nearly go off the road every 1/2 mile when driving in the
country because you are constantly looking behind barns for the
residue of overgrown rusted unrestored military relics (much to the
chagrin of your wife).

7. Slightly mildewed canvas smells GOOD to you.

8. You think your neighbor's 4wd Magnum V8 longbed crewcab is "cute",
and you ask him with a straight face if it has an attachment for a
mower deck.

9. You honestly believe that there is a non-commercial civillian
justification for owning an M-whatever bizzillion ton cargo truck.

10. Your life's goal is to own a tank.

11. You own a tank.

12. You own more than ONE tank.

13. You tell your wife you NEED an M35A2 "in case the M37 gets stuck
again". Recalling the towing bill, she agrees.

14. You tell your wife you NEED a 10 ton Ward - LaFrance wrecker "in
case the M35A2 gets stuck again". Recalling your campaign of whining
RE: the M35A2 purchase, she agrees.

14. The gas station by your house issued you a Citgo "Platinum Card",
all the clerks on every shift know you by name, and the owner sends
you a Christmas card every year.

15. You have, in your lifetime, worn out a grease gun.

16. You have "WeeBee Webbing" on speed dial right between "Marriage
counselor" and "Batteries Plus".

17. 97% of your saved "ebay" searches have the letter "M" in them.
(The other 3% have "Army").

18. Your vehicles have more antennas than seats.

19. You ran the local Ace hardware out of paint stencils.

20. You are reading this - because you comb internet Military Vehicle
websites and publications, or some other diseased idiot with a bunch
of green junk you regularly hang out with showed it to you.

1953 M37 WoW

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