Re:[MV] stuff for sale

Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 03:11:25 PST

I imagine by now many of you think that I lost
it, my mind that is. My postings are a result of
boredom and at the same time an attempt to
offer some humor.
I am posting this due to the large amount of
inquiries I have received. Friends and truck
customers are asking if something is wrong here,
as I'm selling and have sold personal items.
It is with deep regret that I must inform you of my
troubles and the reason for boredom. I met Marilyn
in 1985 and married her in 1991. I have spent the
last seven years doing 24/7 as a Home Health Aid,
a very stressful and demanding job, especially when
combined with my highly successful and busy truck
business. Her needs were the result of a paralyzing
stroke incurred after she was in a car wreck in 1996.
Prior to the stoke, she required quite a bit of care due
to other health problems and operations. Those that
know me and have been here can attest to the load
I was bearing. Maybe now I have a life of my own.
Mar and I broke up last December 18. Severe weather
has prevented me from working on trucks, so I've mostly
just been sitting here for the last two months. We do
stay in contact as we have to arrive at an equitable
distribution of community property. So far, we have
agreed on a cash settlement, therefore the need to sell
some stuff, maybe a lot of stuff. I am not doing anything
behind her back and she agrees with my selling stuff in
order to aid me in the settlement. We have a contract
written and it is being reviewed by our attornys. So far,
attorney fees have me out $26,350.
Joe Young

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