Re: [MV] Paint

Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 20:22:14 PST

If you're going to go with cheap paint, be sure to
use Gillespie Coatings. Hearsay has it that Aervoe's
formula has been improved, but I won't take the chance.
I painted my 12-ton lowbed trailer with Aervoe Forest
Green two years ago. I now have a pink trailer.
In answer to: [MV] Painting and such.:
Dump whatever amount of thinner (reducer) in that you
want, the outcome will probably be the same if you
insist on Aervoe. I do not have any experience with a
HVLP gravity fed gun, but with my regular siphon cup
gun, 50 psi, w/Gillespie, I do about a 30% reducer.
Humidity, temperature and shop conditions all have
an effect on the spray and finish. Drying speed of
reducers must also be taken into consideration,
as does air pressure and gun settings (fan width and
air/paint flow)
Reducers (I use plain enamel reducers, not acrylic):
Hot weather = slow speed
Milder temps = medium to fast
Shoot something first, clean scrap metal, a hood,
door, whatever. Get the feel of the situation.
When spraying, you will encounter more obstacles
than Minnesota Fats had when he went against
Willie Mosconni... I ran a close relative of Willie,
for a while. Nice chick, very nice :) Chit happens,
I met Mar :(
Joe Young

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