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From: Steve & Jeanne Keith (
Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 04:24:54 PST

I 2nd the Gillispie. Aervoe is a waste of time!

Last year I bought a gravity feed HVLP DeVilbiss
gun and absolutely love it and I HATE to paint!

Steve AKA Dr Deuce

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> If you're going to go with cheap paint, be sure to
> use Gillespie Coatings. Hearsay has it that Aervoe's
> formula has been improved, but I won't take the chance.
> I painted my 12-ton lowbed trailer with Aervoe Forest
> Green two years ago. I now have a pink trailer.
> In answer to: [MV] Painting and such.:
> Dump whatever amount of thinner (reducer) in that you
> want, the outcome will probably be the same if you
> insist on Aervoe. I do not have any experience with a
> HVLP gravity fed gun, but with my regular siphon cup
> gun, 50 psi, w/Gillespie, I do about a 30% reducer.
> Humidity, temperature and shop conditions all have
> an effect on the spray and finish. Drying speed of
> reducers must also be taken into consideration,
> as does air pressure and gun settings (fan width and
> air/paint flow)
> Reducers (I use plain enamel reducers, not acrylic):
> Hot weather = slow speed
> Milder temps = medium to fast
> Shoot something first, clean scrap metal, a hood,
> door, whatever. Get the feel of the situation.
> When spraying, you will encounter more obstacles
> than Minnesota Fats had when he went against
> Willie Mosconni... I ran a close relative of Willie,
> for a while. Nice chick, very nice :) Chit happens,
> I met Mar :(
> Joe Young
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