Re: [MV] Painting and such.

From: william f cox (
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 23:40:40 PST

Maybe I did something wrong but I used Aervoe on my DUKW (1995), my WC25
command car (1995) and my M35A2 (spring 2000) and none have turned pink
yet. I used hot weather reducer, mixed 50/50 with paint and applied
several light coats over self-etching primer. All trucks are still
green. All were painted in my driveway, in open air, no shelter, on a
sunny hot day ( I live out in the country).
Just my experience.
  I'm not an expert (ex = hasbeen + spert = drip under pressure)! Just a
little humor thrown in--not a poke at anyone. There are many authorities
on this list, with more knowledge than I have!

Frank Cox (
MVPA 14530
'45 GMC 353 DUKW
'66 Kaiser-Jeep M35A2 w/w
'68 M105A1 trailer

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