Re: [MV] Painting and such. & Re: [MV] Paint

Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 09:46:08 PST

Not only problems with grease, a sweaty finger that
leaves a print will cause paint to lift. One bummer is
painting when it's hot and humid. Final coat, looking
good, proud, leaning over the hood spraying and
forehead sweat drops on the paint.

Answer to next question: Yes, cleaning solvents
like PrepSol are available. Be careful of what type
you get - disaster awaits if you choose the wrong
one. Some are for cleaning enamels, but might
cause a reaction if you shoot a non compatible
primer. Others are for cleaning lacquer, which
might cause a problem if you apply enamel type
primer. Not to worry, there are cleaning solvents
that are for general use and compatible, just
be sure of what you get and shoot a small test
area first. Some are for removing wax, but I don't
think wax will be encountered on a mil-vehicle.
Once, when every time I shot a coat of lacquer
type primer on a Corvair (goin' back a ways, here).
the primer reacted. The final solution, having already
washed the car down with lacquer thinner and still
getting a reaction, was to wash the car down with
gasoline after washing the primer off with thinner.
Joe Young

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