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Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 11:22:00 PST

i do not believe any of us would just go over there and expect anything
that is what research is for. i dont just happen to find anything here in
the states i halft to do lots of rescherch and do lots of tracking just to
find what i do which isn't much but without all of this id be wasting money
that i do not have someone would almost halft to know someone in the area of
searching and have them help out that's what the finders fee is for as for
importing something i do not have the funds but if one of you do i can help
out just to say to my grandkids wow i remember digging out a tank or
whatever it may be. ive never been anywhere but the states and not many of
them. i do not know any other language sorry i have a friend his wife is
from Germany would there be anything there?? IM still interested ill help
with what i can. does Russia have internet can someone chat and meet
someone from there and learn the laws and have them find out the info a guy
needs?? maybe we are all crazy.. got way cold here today hope to go
tomorrow and check out a private collectors collection ill get pictures of
their stuff and hopefully prices of what they want to sell. back to work i
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> >What if you did a few practice runs with cheaper stuff, like truck
> >etc. Just to get the feel of the country, so to speak.To map out the best
> >routes. Develop connections...
> First of all, how are you expecting to find the stuff? Just walk around
> the countryside of Russia with a metal detector? :-) In order to even go
> over there someone would have to know of something pretty much for sure.
> Otherwise it would 99.99999999% chance of being a complete waste of time.
> Now, even if you did find something... guess what? It is not yours to do
> anything with. You would have to go to the host government, inform them
> exactly what you found and EXACTLY where you found it (I doubt you would
> have much choice there), and ask for permission to just dig it up. There
> is also the issue of who owns the land, but that is a whole 'nother ball
> of wax I am sure. Now, at this point the government can do one of two
> 1. Start an official process of permitting you to remove the item. This
> will no doubt involve a lot of money, bribes, and near perfect
> "negotiating" skills. From my indirect experience, Americans and
> Europeans by default lack the skills. And fully expect to get most, if
> not all the way through the process, before being informed that there is
> some "problem" with the paperwork so far and that you will no longer be
> able to proceed any further (likely without a refund of money spent thus
> 2. Tell you to frig off, then get on the phone to one of their buddies
> in a nearby military unit. A unit which likely has not been paid in a
> couple of years in any official or consistant capacity. Said unit
> negotiates for a cut of the sale and goes over to remove it. You are
> kindly asked to leave the country.
> Or option number 3 would be the combo of the two, using the money they
> bilk from you to get the ball rolling on #2.
> Sorry folks, but it isn't like the former Soviet Union is just a big
> empty cornfield with a kindly old farmer meeting you in his driveway to
> strike a deal for things he knows exactly where they are. The current
> President of my company used to go over to Russia all the time on behalf
> of the multi-billion dollar company he worked with. He had to deal with
> several factories owned by former Generals (privatization was not, how
> shall I say, all that "fair"). After the last time he went he told me
> that he would never, ever go over there again. No matter how much
> anybody paid him. He was just never sure if he would come back or come
> back without a deal that they had already paid something for.
> Sorry to look like I am trying to burst bubbles, but yeah... I am :-)
> I'm no expert or anything, but I know enough to say that unless you
> already have very strong and personal ties to the powers that be in such
> countries, forget about ever doing anything there.
> Steve
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