[MV] civvy stake body truck FS

From: MVTrucker@aol.com
Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 17:04:16 PST

I have a 1973 Chevy stake body truck that I'm
selling. This truck is a remnant from when I was
in the home heating oil, gas, diesel and lube
business. It was real handy when we moved into
my parents' house after they died in 1991. I
have hardly used the truck since and have
Historical Vehicle plates on it. I usually clean
the points and put a battery in once a year,
take it for a drive and park it. Use to go get
sand blasting sand with it, but I use my deuce
now. The shed it was in, raggedy thing, collapsed,
so it's sitting out and rusting. Good and straight
truck. I bought it from another fuel dealer and it
only had 27,XXX miles on it at the time. It still is
low mileage, only 47,821 and I know these are
This truck is a 1-ton stake body and the main
feature is the electric/hydraulic tailgate which
easily lifted three 55-gallon drums of lube. It
has a 4-bolt main 350 V-8, 4 barrel carb, 4-speed
trans, and a reupholstered seat, though one of my
drivers put a rip in it. Very good tires, but getting
old. The bed deck is getting a little rough from
laying out and it needs a master cylinder. I tried
to get to this truck last summer, but was too busy
and never did. No pics, due to my digital camera
taking a ride. A very handy truck. $2000.00 FRN
(Federal Reserve Note, junk, no gold backing),
or Silver (the real deal) and get it for a lot less.
Joe Young

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