Re: [MV] Found Tanks

From: Steve Grammont (
Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 17:15:26 PST

>which brings us full circle...
>How do we explain this??:

Not sure what you mean, especially because this link was in the original
post. I assume you mean who is doing the recovery? The pictures say
this is in White Russia (Belarus) and everything in this picture does not
disagee with that (from the terrain, the soil, the recovery arch, the
vehicles, camo jackets, etc.).

From other documented recoveries I have seen it works just like it would
here in the US. I could get some guys from a local Army Guards unit to
help in a project like this without too much difficulty I would expect.
 Especially if that unit is an engineering or recovery unit. From what I
can tell if you make a good pitch to them to combine community service
with practical training, they jump.

In former Soviet Republics this would be the same, but probably some
money or other considerations would be exchanged. In other recoveries I
have seen documented regular Army units were absolutely involved right
alongside of construction crews with civilian heavy equipment.

If someone had a couple million bucks, a good and patient attitude, and a
good translator... I am sure you could go to Russia, Ukraine, Poland, or
wherever and pretty much take whatever the heck you want. And there
would be smiles all around. But that is the bottom line... money.
 Recently the brutalized remains of a Panther were recovered and sent
back to the US from Poland. It can be done, but I am sure it cost him a
pretty penny.


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