Re: [MV] WWII Vehicle Antenna

From: Claude W. Vaughn (
Date: Sun Feb 23 2003 - 19:20:26 PST


The mast base shown in the picture (on the turret) is an MP-57. I would guess
the Stuart would have had an MP-37. The ceramic insulator on the MP-37 is
larger in diameter. The antenna would depend on the radio that is installed.
I would guess the antenna would consist of sections MS-49, MS-50, MS-51, MS-52,
and MS-53 (for an "AM" radio installation) or sections MS-51, MS-52, and MS-53
(for an "FM" radio installation). The other mast base would be used with the
MS-116, MS-117, and MS-118 mast sections.


"G.R. Baker" wrote:

> I've never had much to do with WWII era radios so I need to know what type
> of antenna I need for the base shown in the picture below. The base that is
> located on the rear of the turret not the one in the center of the picture.
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