Re: [MV] Found Tanks. Belarus.

From: Eugene Pantano (
Date: Sun Feb 23 2003 - 21:16:05 PST

Somewhere in the PRC of New York..maybe back in the 60's...70's..?? maybe on
Long Island...there was a City Power Plant...coal burning type.. It closed.
Somehow - or for whatever reason, a Sherman Tank was buried on the
It was found out from an old employee..and dug up years and years
later...AND - was restored to running condition.. This was a neat feat !!
Something on our own homeland..Not an imaginary planet on the other side of
the pond.. What does anyone know of this.?? Where is the Beast now.??
Therre are many - many tanks buried on this continent..many of them. Some
German tanks as well...I know for a fact that on Staten Island there are at
least 2 Shermans buried near Oakwood. How about some homeland
research..where we can do something about it..?? Gene

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