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Gods. What an adventure that might be.

Does anyone on list who has been through this have any idea ( really rough
idea ) how much a simple pair of hands along to enjoy recovering toys might
have to spend in expenses to be a part of this for 2-3 weeks? I don't have
any idea how long such journey's take, but sort of compare them to
archeological digs... as a student one can go to the digs in Israel for a
set time period and learn/help recover things at working recovery sites.

         Paul who never takes vacation :}


At 06:22 PM 2/23/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>Well fellows,
>Looks like Nickolay just said "COME ON"!
>I thought he might!
>When y'all get it together post something, I'd like to think I could go, not
>likely, but something to wish for.
>Rikk Rogers - RK Lion LTD.
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> Hi all!
> Excuse for my English language. I this language at all do not know. The
>electronic interpreter works for me. I hope he well carries out the work.
> I am very glad, that all of you have begun to speak on this theme. I
>already for a long time tried "to reach" to you with this idea.
> The information for those who is interested where these vehicles
>(StuGIII and PzKpfw III Ausf J) are found.
> StuGIII is found near to city Velikie Luki, Russia. Now is in the Pskov
>area, in territory of an automobile facility. The large temptation for the
>collectors and wishing of the large earnings. I am familiar and talked with
>two Germans, which have lost on it StuGIII about $ 80 000. Probably, this
>StuGIII will leave Russia, but if it will take place, only is illegal. Now
>already other people do attempt to solve the problem of export StuGIII with
>the officials from Moscow. I attentively look behind development of these
>events. I was on a place, where there was this StuGIII three years before
>its rise.
> PzKpfw III Ausf J is found near to city Sichevka, Russia. Other part of
>a history is not completed yet, its pages are still done now. For very
>curious I can tell in telephone conversation (in Russian).
> Anyone knows how enter contact with "koebik", which has placed these
>photos on a site of a network? I shall be very grateful for the help!
> Mr. Steve Grammont, whence at you the information, what PzKpfw III Ausf
>J is found in Belarus? Where I can look at this reference?
> Mr. Ryan M Gill, in our countries it is possible to find some Lendlease
>British and US gear.
> Dear <> and others wishing to organize
>archeological expedition! Write to me, we shall decide all problems
>concerning it we and necessarily shall decide all. After end of this
>expedition you receive the most unforgettable adventure in your life. I am
>sure, our club and our state will go to you and will execute all your
>requirements. Below I put the letter-offer from our club, which I already
>wrote on this site of a network.
> I am glad to answer all your questions. The people, let's recollect that
>time, when USA and USSR were the allies. Let's to not forget that our
>parents have given back the life for freedom and our friendship! There is an
>opportunity (it is necessary only together to try) to touch a history.
>Nobody should be forgotten. The people without a history - tree without
>Public Union
>Military Patriotic club
> Poisk
>Republic of Belarus.
> Our organization has state licenses for search lifting, rstoration and
>sale not only military (aviation, armoured equipment and so on), but also
>civil equipment (automobiles, tractors, prime movers, motorcycles and so
>on), the equipment of Wold War I, Wold War II, pre-war periods, and material
>evidences of all historical periods on the territory of Republic of Belarus.
> The result of our activity is a creation of a small collection of
>historical equipment:
> Soviet tank BT-7, produced in 1935, submerged on 11 metros of depth, but
>now it has been restored for working state in original complete set.
> Soviet tank IS-2, 1944, produced in 1944.
> Parts of the Soviet tanks T-34-76, produced in 1939-40.
> German cannon Pak36(r). Having been submerged on 4 metres of depth. It s
>completely restored. The gun "Pak36r" is the modernized sample of the Soviet
>gun "F-22USV", which plenty was seized per the first months WWII. As the
>basis for modernization the capture of a plenty of warehouses with an
>ammunition to the given gun has served.
> German 21cm Morser 18 on a transport carriage found in the wood has been
>completely restored now.
> Two German tanks Pz.Kpfw.38(t), exploded but now they are in a complete
>set for restoration to a working state. All works on their restoration are
> German tanks Pz.Kpfw.III, Completely restored up to a running condition
>(all units and the paint was kept from year of release).
> Our state due to geopolitical situation was a member of all global
>conflicts. The war with Sweden, Napoleon s compaign to Russia (the rest of
>troops were defeated in Belarus), Wold War I, Wold War II lest evidences of
>all historical events on our land.
> In organization of searching work we use archive facts. According to
>official returns on the territory of Republic of Belarus, the losses of the
>famous German tank Pz.Kpfw.VI TigerI were numbered in 216 ones, but as for
>as the rest of military equipment about 11000 ones. In consequence mistaken
>opinion of Vermaht guidance, during the operation Bagration in 1944, it
>turned out to distract the attention and when germane troops would return to
>the lest territory, the command was given not to destroy all the equipment,
>but to take measures to its cover. The rapidity of this operation didn t
>give a chance of taking out material resources equipment to new positions.
> The members and eye-witnesses of battles help in our searching work.
>Such work gives bigger result than work with archives, but is complicated by
>the fact that some of them died, some are old and live in different parts of
>the world.
> Our specialists have a big experience of searching and lifting not only
>the unbroken equipment but the exploded, parts of which were dispersed in
>the radius of some metres and were in the marsh on the depth of more than 10
>metres. During 4 years our specialists carried out more than 50 liftings of
>different complication not only in Belarus but in Russia as well. We have a
>big experience and technical opportunities of equipment and aviation
>restoration to a working state.
> We are looking for partners on mutual help conditions for realization of
>following programmers:
>1. Museums and private collections interested in buying equipment and
>material evidences (it s possible to order searches of certain kinds of
>equipment, arms, attributes and so on).
>2. Those who wish to take part in the lifting of equipment, excavations of
>constructions, fortifications and depots.
>3. Searching groups for joint work and excavations and information that they
>4. Eye-witness and all who wish to help in searching of lost and buried
>historical evidences on our territory.
>5. Publishing houses and television and radio companies that wish to get
>video and photomaterials of carrying excavations and listings that are
>carried by us and joint groups.
>6. We can also help in looking for perished missing on the territory of
>Republic of Belarus, organizations of burring and reburying of remains.
> Our union takes responsibility of living transportation, carrying works
>and other organization questions of the groups and persons that are invited
>by us. We guarantee safety, the whole confidentiality of information, civil
>and state support for the time of your staying in our country.
> We cooperate with all organizations of such king in the former USSR.
> I wait for your letters. I am ready to send to you some photos about our
> It s important to have a person who knows Russian for phone
> It is a pity, that I a little have written, it is very difficult to me
>to write, not knowing language. For complete understanding of this question
>it is necessary much to decide and to discuss. Our club our state and I are
>ready to discussion and decision of all questions.
> Regards,
>Nickolay Panov.
>V.Gastinec, 75-86
>222310, Molodechno
>Republica Belarus
>Tel: +375 1773 69404
>Tel/fax: +375 1773 54974
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