Re: [MV] Painting and such.

From: David Cole (
Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 09:03:08 PST

I've been using 1/2 pint or 8 oz of Synthetic Enamel hardner per gallon of
paint on most of my recent paint jobs. Napa sells the stuff for about
$12.00/pint. It greatly improves the durability of the paint but it also
tends to make it glossy. The last thing I painted was a trailer with
rustoleum gloss paint. It totally changes the way rustoleum works. Dries
hard overnight, etc and looks like glass. You would not belive it was
rustoleum if you saw it.

As long as the paint you are using is conventional Alkyd Enamel, the
synthetic activator will work fine.

Tractor supply also sells activator in 8 oz cans for use with their tractor
enamels. Make sure you use a carbon filter mask when spraying that paint
as the activator is nasty on your lungs. But it is well worth the extra
cost and effort.

The trick is to thin the paint just enough so that it goes on smooth with
your gun. Remember thinner paint runs faster. Try to avoid shooting
paint in muggy, damp weather. Dry is best. Heated dry is even better. I
would not waste my time shooting a paint job in less than 50 degree temps
with oil base paint even with hardener. You can do it but I would avoid



On Fri, 21 Feb 2003 19:47:18 -0800, Michael J. Hill <>

> Hello list,
> I am going to try painting my M1009 and was wondering about ratios of
> thinner to paint and catalyst to paint. I am going to be using Aervoe
> paint and a HVLP gravity fed gun. How does humidity affect spraying and
> ambient temperature for that matter. Any other do's and don't would be
> appreciated.
> I am also looking for a radio tray for my rig, the curbside one so I can
> fit My RT524 and R-442.
> Thanks to all.
> Mike Hill EMT-1
> MVPA 25988
> 86 M1009
> ?? M105A2
> Bunch of green radios
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