Re: [MV] looking to buy 6x6

From: Jacob Miller (
Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 20:55:39 PST

Just from reading your email I was going to tell you not to buy it, I was on
base just the other day and none of the trucks up on the line up looked good
enough to scrap. BUT i looked at the pictures on GovLiq. and those
pictures were not taken at the surplus area that I was at. That truck is in
much better shape than the ones I looked at. I'm just outside of Ft. Lenard
Wood and might be able to take a trip to go look at this truck if it helps.
Where in MO are you located? I've met the guy that does the loading out and
he is very good to deal with. Just a heads up, if you go to base yourself,
prepare to wait in line for awhile, have you license, registration, and
proof of insurance to get on the base. Make sure your rig is better than
legal, all lights work, no firearms, no ammo, no knives, etc. You can have
them in your truck in MO, just dont take them to the base :)

I would like to buy a truck like this but there is no way my parents or
girlfriend would let me keep it. Especially since I have no job offers yet
for after graduation this May.

Jacob Miller

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