Re: [MV] A safety warning for loading trailers

From: Fred Martin (
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 02:37:19 PST

On the subject of letting one get away from you... (naval) was coming
into Pearl Harbor pier K-26...I was standing next to the throttle watch
in the after engine room, (Larry Bain from Springfield, Mo.) and he told
me that last year when we came in here...we hit the pier. The engine
order telegraph called all stop...he answered it...again...back down one
third...he answered it...then...emergency backdown...stand by for
collision. We hit it again! Figured that the old man let the same junior
officer take her in that did it last year. This happened aboard the USS
Alamo LSD-33 in 1960 coming back from a WesPac tour. Fred Martin

Paul A. Thomas wrote:
> > Sorry I had yet to see someone say this............watched many a
> Marines NOT do this and chased trucks DOWN hill........chocks still
> > beind them on the ground.
> Gee: never saw that happen to Army guys...
> <G,D,R>
> Paul
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