Re: [MV] A safety warning for loading trailers

From: Ryan M Gill (
Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 09:09:24 PST

At 11:57 AM -0500 2/26/03, GOTAM35 wrote:
>I'm home sick today and thought I would share an experience I had the other
>day. The point to this story is if your using a trailer to haul your MV, be
>careful loading it.

Chock those wheels. I carry chocks around with me in my armored cars
to add a bit of security to them when I park on inclines or at shows.
Loading sounds like another good place for this. I just don't want to
come out of a coffee shop after reading the latest copy of Military
Machines and find the Ferret atop some poor yuppie's Jaguar....Not
that it'd not look nice to see a Daimler (not that Daimler, the other
one!) getting a bit of Jag, but it'd be bad for my insurance rates.

Make some nice big chocks. Use some 2x6's cut them into squares then
diagonally all at a 45 degree angle. Stack them one atop the other
and drill some holes through the center. Rotate them around to get
all holes. Add some water resistant wood glue and paint them a nice
bright florescent color. Add a bit of rope to the two and you've got
a quick grab handle.

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