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From: Fred Martin (
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 03:09:55 PST

As Conway Twitty would say..."Oh the girls all look prettier at closing
time!" ...but if I'm gonna comment on you...I must remember the Japanese
girl that I woke up with once. She had a haircut that was done with a
bowl and buck teeth that she could eat corn through a fence. (You fill
in parts of this for yourself) I said...did I? She too
druck. I put on my clothes and left. Fred Martin wrote:
> Due to some Listers asking about some of my adventures, I offer:
> Well, it went like this. I have a friend as weird as I am. Every single
> time we get together, we get into strange situations.
> Jay and I went out cruising in my custom 1964 Dodge van. Went to
> the Lakeside Bar, outside of Wood bury, NJ. Met a honey. Sweet.
> She hung onto me pretty good, so we eventually wound up having
> a hot make-out in her van. No sex. I draw a line with strangers. Well,
> she goes home and I discover that I lost my glasses. Since I had her
> phone number and address, I went to her place to see if I left my
> glasses in her van. I knocked on the door, which slowly opened
> within seconds, and HOLY COW! A HAG! It was her, old, Grey hair,
> blew my mind. Forget the glasses, Jay let's get out of here. We got
> lost and stopped at a gas station to get directions. I don't know how
> the conversation got started, but when I said "Man, I met a young
> honey a little while ago," I was interrupted by him. He asked "What
> did she do, get old?" Over and out. We and that Dodge boogied.
> Next story: Rollin' the Dodge :)
> Joe Young
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