Re: [MV] Is your hobby out of hand?

From: Ronzo (
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 08:21:32 PST

OUCH !!!! That one hit way too close to home.... First mowing she did last
summer, she spit the center blade off the deck and continued mowing with out
overlapping just to spite me. Finally got it right after the third week of
me not fixing the deck, though it did have an interesting effect on the
    BTW....when asked by Missus if you intend to fix deck anytime soon,
answering " Have daughter # 1 follow you with self propelled Honda to
eliminate Mohawk effect " will tend to cause spec ops raids on your 'toy
money' account with serious ramifications to ebay purchases.

 Ronzo, AKA Lazy Boy

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> Does she get mad when she has to mow around all of your toys in the back
> yard ?

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