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Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 11:55:58 PST

     That makes me wonder how much stuff is still on all those
islands. The other day there was a conversation about salvaging
vehicles from Russia but, wouldn’t it be so much easier in the
pacific. All you have to do is transport it to the nearest beach load
it on a ship and be on your way. As far as political reasons some of
those islands are administered by the U.S., Guam and Marshal are both
U.S. held. Has anyone ever gone to all those hundreds of islands the
Japanese occupied and looked for remnants? Now grant it you wouldn’t
find a Panzer but the Japanese had some interesting vehicles that I'm
sure would be worth the effort.

Chuck Simpson

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From: Eugene Pantano <>
Date: Thursday, February 27, 2003 11:38 am

> I could go on for days on things that happened in the Military
> ..both in
> personal endeavors and with Military Vehicles..but - the best one
> ever was
> with my friend Ken Bird..
> His dad was a Marine that made some of the landings in WW2..he had
> to live
> by the skin of his teeth..killing "many" Japanese soldiers that
> were willing
> to die for their Emperor..... When WW2 ended, Captain Bird, USMC, was
> stationed on Guam..for a cleanup and salvage job. His family was
> shippedthere...Ken and his brother spent all their time hauling
> out Japanese
> Machine guns..climbing in and out of Japanese tanks and
> vehicles....bodieswere still found everywhere. There was a mass
> grave of Japanese soldiers
> that Ken and his brother fell into once...took 5 MP's and a
> Chaplain with a
> hose to clean the kids and settle them down...But, the best is yet to
> come....Ken and his brother climbed the hills and found a
> it, there
> were cases of munitions and machine guns...and --dead Japanese
> soldiers..They dragged one outside and took picture of each other
> sitting alongside
> this half decomposed soldier..with a small Japanese flag..
> This was when Ken was about 14 years old..his brother a year
> older.. When
> Ken was 17, he joined the Navy..and of all places to make a cruise
> to -- it
> was Japan. While paying his bill in a bar on "Thieves Alley"..he
> opened his
> wallet for money..inside was the picture of the dead soldier and
> him.. The
> bar girl he had on his arm saw the picture and went ballistic.!!!
> There was
> a very big commotion..and Japanese Police and some very angry
> civiliansshowed up...Ken thought he was going to be lynched on the
> spot. The Police
> made him tear up the picture and told him to not return to this
> area...Henarrowly escaped with his butt intact...
> What happened to the weapons and stuff on Guam you ask......they
> are still
> enclosed in the tunnel where his father sent a Company of Marines
> to seal it
> up....I have a map.!! Have a good one..Gene
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