From: Paul H. Anderson (
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 14:27:42 PST

On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, Chuck wrote:

> That makes me wonder how much stuff is still on all those
> islands. The other day there was a conversation about salvaging
> vehicles from Russia but, wouldn’t it be so much easier in the
> pacific. All you have to do is transport it to the nearest beach load
> it on a ship and be on your way. As far as political reasons some of
> those islands are administered by the U.S., Guam and Marshal are both
> U.S. held. Has anyone ever gone to all those hundreds of islands the
> Japanese occupied and looked for remnants? Now grant it you wouldn’t
> find a Panzer but the Japanese had some interesting vehicles that I'm
> sure would be worth the effort.

A few years back, a warbird site advertisement listed an opportunity to
pull a pair of Japanese Zeros out of the jungle off an island. Pictures
were shown that were highly convincing. Unmolested, still had fuel in
tanks and ammo belts loaded. Needed retrieval and full restoration.
Price was around $100K for one, but I imagine that would only get you
started. Just having a chance to tour the site would be pretty


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