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Date: Fri Feb 28 2003 - 07:03:36 PST

Boomers, now those bring back memories. I live out in the country and I
found the best way to wake up everyone in a 5 mile radius was to take a
large yard waste bag (the huge ones) and fill it full of a mixture of o2,
acet, and helium. The right mixture would cause it to rise up like a
balloon. We would attach a large glow stick to it to be able to spot it at
night. We release it on a calm night about 3AM and let it get about
500-1000 ft up and then pop it with a tracer. BOOM!! Everyone in five
miles is wide awake. The sound these make is like no other sound I've ever
heard, it's one hell of a blast!!!

I would not recommend trying this at home because this is extremely
dangerous and the risk of the plastic bag building a static charge and
blowing up in your face is pretty high. This information is presented as
educational information only, I'm not responsible for any deaths,
dismemberment or hearing loss caused by your mistakes. Have fun!!

Now for MV content... Any good sources of M20 parts??


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Speaking of blowing things up, many moons ago I worked for a nationwide
muffler shop chain. One of the first things I was taught by the manager (my

older brother), was how to make an acetylene bomb with a guarantee bag,
oxygen, acetylene and a wire bread tye to close it and act as a fuse.
the salesmen at the Ford dealership across the street liked shooting rockets

into our shop. The manager warned them several times but to no avail. He
it when they shot one right in the open window of the shop M715 (required MV

content). I can tell you from experience that a hedgeapple, launched from a

3' length of 3" pipe, using the oxyacetylene mixture, can take out a plate
glass window across a 4 lane highway with a median. Car windshields aren't
problem either. Sufficed to say, the knucklehead salesmen no longer shot
rockets across the street.
The block wall we ventilated is a whole other story!

Kenneth Engle
Loxahatchee, FL U.S.A.
AM General M-35A2 w/w
Fruehauf M105A1
MVPA #24371

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