Re: [MV] M35 engine replacement.

Date: Fri Feb 28 2003 - 07:05:07 PST

Actually, starting them in the can is quite easy at least with multifuels.
Many of them come complete right down to the belts and such. All you really
need to get it started is 24 volts and a fuel source. I've ran em for a
couple of minutes without coolant an am sure you could run them longer. I
use a 12 volt fuel pump to feed fuel after checking the filters. Don't
forget to check oil and the such. If you have a can full of junk, you will
know it within a few seconds. You know, I just might have to take an extra
M35 instrument panel and some wiring and build a start box for just this
purpose. Great Idea!

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> Could have fooled me, I thought Ken was kidding. So you can really run them
> in the can.
> Obvously you have to pipe in all the fluids etc, and vent stuff. What all
> comes with the engine, and what do you have to provide to make this happen?
> Bruce MVPA 23824

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