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Hi all,
We used to make hydrogen, using aluminum foil and lye in a coke bottle, fill
balloons, and attach some oxy/acetylene filled ones to make a "bouquet", and
let them float up with a long fuse, the hydrogen made quite a fireball, and
when it set off the welding gas mix, quite a "boom".
We could then light our way in the dark to drive our MV's.......
"All the usual disclaimers..........".

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> Boomers, now those bring back memories. I live out in the country and I
> found the best way to wake up everyone in a 5 mile radius was to take a
> large yard waste bag (the huge ones) and fill it full of a mixture of o2,
> acet, and helium. The right mixture would cause it to rise up like a
> balloon. We would attach a large glow stick to it to be able to spot it
> night. We release it on a calm night about 3AM and let it get about
> 500-1000 ft up and then pop it with a tracer. BOOM!! Everyone in five
> miles is wide awake. The sound these make is like no other sound I've
> heard, it's one hell of a blast!!!
> I would not recommend trying this at home because this is extremely
> dangerous and the risk of the plastic bag building a static charge and
> blowing up in your face is pretty high. This information is presented as
> educational information only, I'm not responsible for any deaths,
> dismemberment or hearing loss caused by your mistakes. Have fun!!
> Now for MV content... Any good sources of M20 parts??
> Thanks
> Jason
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> Speaking of blowing things up, many moons ago I worked for a nationwide
> muffler shop chain. One of the first things I was taught by the manager
> older brother), was how to make an acetylene bomb with a guarantee bag,
> oxygen, acetylene and a wire bread tye to close it and act as a fuse.
> Anyway,
> the salesmen at the Ford dealership across the street liked shooting
> into our shop. The manager warned them several times but to no avail. He
> lost
> it when they shot one right in the open window of the shop M715 (required
> content). I can tell you from experience that a hedgeapple, launched from
> 3' length of 3" pipe, using the oxyacetylene mixture, can take out a plate
> glass window across a 4 lane highway with a median. Car windshields
> a
> problem either. Sufficed to say, the knucklehead salesmen no longer shot
> rockets across the street.
> The block wall we ventilated is a whole other story!
> Kenneth Engle
> Loxahatchee, FL U.S.A.
> AM General M-35A2 w/w
> Fruehauf M105A1
> MVPA #24371
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