Re: [MV] columbia crew footage.

From: Patrick Jankowiak (
Date: Fri Feb 28 2003 - 23:18:59 PST

In my work with Sony, I have seen alot of digital tape recordings
where the system failed. The appearance of the tape playback is
consistent with the either recorder failing gradually over a few
seconds, or more likely, the tape being damaged beyond further
playability at the point where the video gets very blocky and stops

I suspect the recorder continued on well after that point, but the
area of the tape following the loss of playability was probably
damaged afterward during the disintegration. It would have been
exposed inside the DVR. What we saw was probably several layers in on
the reel, or what was left of it.

Unlike analog VCRs which go to snow or a blank screen when they hit a
bad spot on the tape, commercial DVRs display the last data in memory
when the signal is lost.

Walter Houghton wrote:
> Anyone seen the footage they released today that was filmed before re-entry.
> I wonder if it really did quit filming when they said it did. I doubt that
> they would release the footage if it did show the break up.
> Jeff
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