Re: [MV] Columbia crew footage.

From: David Ball (
Date: Fri Feb 28 2003 - 21:26:46 PST

If anything was on the tape and I doubt there was anything it would have
been a quick incomplete statement like oh s*%t" and then white light
(plasma) obviously there was a cabin failure at some point and it was
probably not at all like an airliner at 45,000 feet were the plane spills
its contents out like a thermos with the top ripped off it was probably more
like throwing a candle into the sun.
I have witnessed two catastrophic aircraft crashes and only in one did the
pilot get off a damit just before buying the farm. #1 F86 pan caked at 350
knots and fireballed (Mintner field) #2 P51 into the side of a hill at the
bottom of a loop it was the P51 pilot that realized he forget to reset his
altimeter to the airport he was flying over (Stead) and his apex was 50 feet
below the deck that pilot said damit just before buying the farm both were
very bad days both were friends and decorated veterans.


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> > Who in their right mind would want to see the footage if it did show as
> the shuttle broke up?!?!?
> 1: it would allow NASA to have some idea what occurred.
> 2: Personally it would be ... heroic to see how they faced death, if in
> fact they knew they were about to die. The same can be said about
> how they face death is at least as important as how they faced life. And
> Columbia's were the best of the best, to quote a corny phrase which
> probably was true.
> Movies do it a lot better than real life ( Bruce Willis, like him or not,
> in Armagedon, staying behind to detonate the nuke and save the world
> ?) The very very few examples we get in real life mean SO much more.
> IMSHO, they inspire me to make such a sacrifice if and when the need
> Paul
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