Military Vehicles, November 1996,: Info wtd on M43 and T16

Info wtd on M43 and T16

Gerald E. Miller (
Sat, 2 Nov 1996 21:31:25 -0800

out there, as I'm just starting out in the wheeled vehicle field of
collecting. (Dealt more with armor than wheeled.)

Anyway, always on the lookout for a deal, I've come across a
few vehicles that I'm considering a more thorough "looking at" if
it sounds like it's worth it.

1951 M43 $2500.00 Another collector started restoring it, getting
the exterior just about factory perfect, and
has a fresh OD coating, with no markings done
up yet. The interior still needs a few touch ups, and painting, but
is definitely "doable". Tires are about 85-90%, including the
spare. Some accessories included. The current owner traded him a
jeep for it, but isn't really interested. He says that he's willing
to go lower as he's pretty much a WWII collector.

1944 T16 $6000.00 This one, I think is stretching it. It's in
pretty good physical shape, but it's not in
original "factory configuration". Sometime
after the war, it was overhauled in Germany (lots of German
dataplate-type markings mixed in with the original U.S. labels). At
some point, for some military usage, the gunner's protrudance/armor
plating was cut off, flush with the driver's plate, then plated
over so that there is a straight armor plate across the front. They
then took plating, and covered the open cab, making a roof. This
enclosed compartment was accessed by two decent sized hatches, each
with a covered ventilation covering. The black-out markers and
light was relocated to the "cab's" top, and the searchlight moved
to the center of the comparment's roof as well. There is no
indication as to what it was used for. The troop/cargo compartment
needs work, as does the engine, but all is "doable" as well. The
owner also has an additional 50 track links to throw in as well.

Have also run across a 1943 GMC DUKW. Not sure if the owner is
willing to sell, but it's been sitting out for several years with
no indication of restoration interest. Body is in really great
shape, with only a little surface rust. Tire definitely need
replaced, as these are pretty much toast. Not sure of interior's
shape, as it's tarped over. Any idea of how these are pricing these

I appreciate any help that any of the more knowledgeable out
there can give.