Military Vehicles, November 1996,: M-725 Kaiser

M-725 Kaiser

William C. Beilschmidt (
Sun, 03 Nov 1996 10:18:10 +0000

I just bought a 1963 1 1/4 ton Kaiser Jeep M-725 Military Ambulance with
no engine, transmission, or any electrical, basically just a body,
chassis, axles, and wheels. The truck had a shipping weight of 6500lbs.
I want make it road-worthy but i'm not sure where to begin. Does anyone
out there know what type and size of engine this had originally? I want
to put a newer engine so i won't be restoring it to perfect original.
Some people have suggested diesel but i've heard they're hard to start
in cold weather. Obvisiously, i need something with a lot of torque.
Would a straight 6 300 be enough? Is there such a thing as a straight 6
larger than this?