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Re: M135 PARTS

Sun, 3 Nov 1996 19:35:33 +0000

we have wiring harnesses for the M211/M135
our web page is at
also try Bob Kettler at 603-847-3229 he specializes in 2 1/2 ton and larger
also Vermont Commercial Salvage(George) at 802-864-4762
Good Luck!
Jeff Smith M*V*P
Military Vehicle Parts Co.
410-956-0834 Phone/Fax
At 03:20 PM 11/3/96 +0000, you wrote:
>>Do you have an idea where I can obtain doors and a steel roof for two m135's
>>that I have? Also, I would be interested in knowing of a parts source for
>>other parts as I am rebuilding both from the ground up. Our geographic
>>location is southern New Jersey.
>>Thanks for the help.
>>Victor Singh
>Ido not have an off the top recomendation for the cab parts, but at leat the
>rest of the truck should be no problem. The part folks worry the most about
>is the transmission. This is the standard General Motors 4 speed automatic
>transmission as used in Oldsmobile and Cadilac cars from 1948 thru 1958. It
>does differ in some components but bands and friction plates are the same.
>Just order a rebuild kit for one of those cars and you have yhe rebuild kit
>for the M135/M211.
>BTW- What realy was the status of the M135/M211 series? Were they an
>experiment or stopgap truck? Did they ever get beypnd the "X" (experimental)
>standardization stage?
>All the data plates I have seen for them have the "X" as in XM211.