Military Vehicles, November 1996,: Re: M135 PARTS

Re: M135 PARTS

Gale Barrows (
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 08:20:37 -0700 (MST)

>Do you have an idea where I can obtain doors and a steel roof for two m135's
>that I have? Also, I would be interested in knowing of a parts source for
>other parts as I am rebuilding both from the ground up. Our geographic
>location is southern New Jersey.
>Thanks for the help.
>Victor Singh

Ido not have an off the top recomendation for the cab parts, but at leat the
rest of the truck should be no problem. The part folks worry the most about
is the transmission. This is the standard General Motors 4 speed automatic
transmission as used in Oldsmobile and Cadilac cars from 1948 thru 1958. It
does differ in some components but bands and friction plates are the same.
Just order a rebuild kit for one of those cars and you have yhe rebuild kit
for the M135/M211.

BTW- What realy was the status of the M135/M211 series? Were they an
experiment or stopgap truck? Did they ever get beypnd the "X" (experimental)
standardization stage?
All the data plates I have seen for them have the "X" as in XM211.