Military Vehicles, November 1996,: DIfference between a CJ2A and a MB

DIfference between a CJ2A and a MB

Carmen Falcone III (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 21:40:22 -0800

Would someone please tell me the difference between a CJ2A and a MB, in
the engine, frame and the body. I would like to see a side by side
comparason between the two. I am having an engine of the the CJ2A
rebuild and it should be ready by December 1st and would like to do in
military style. I have already done work on the springs, the brakes and
the steering system. The frame and the combat wheels has already been
sand blasted, primed, undercoated and painted OD. It looks great.There
is not one nut or bolt that my hands have not touched yet. I would
really like some help on this.

Thank You all in advance
Carmen Falcone III
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