Military Vehicles, November 1996,: Refrence Books, Ferrets

Refrence Books, Ferrets
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 01:53:10 -0500

Hi Friends!
This is the web site for the US militery surplus sales. very informative.
Here are some books I fpund at the library. This may be old info to some, but
I learned alot from them:

Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the World - Christopher F. Foss 623.7475

Wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicles in Service - B.T. White 623.7475

and of course:
Jane's Armour and Artillery - 623.4

I recently got to take a Ferret Mark 2/3 for a spin. What a marvelous
vehicle! I also got to see a Humber Pig, Saracen, Shorland, and an FV 432. I
finally found a good picture of a Ferret Mark 1/2, which is the variation
that I am getting. Should be here in time for Christmas. I may get to go for
a ride in a Fox.
Take Care.
I may