Military Vehicles, November 1996,: Re: title

Re: title

Chuck Chriss (
13 Nov 96 9:30:37

I used a title company in Alabama about ten years ago. It was a little scarey
signing my jeep over to them, but it all worked out and I was able to
re-register in New York with the Alabama papers.



>South Dakota is a lot more civilized than California. The procedure here is
>that the vehicle is assumed to be stolen until you prove otherwise. Here you
>would need a trail of paperwork back to the Govt. bill of sale Form ??? or a
>valid title from another state.
>Good luck with IL, probably better than CA but worse than SD to get along with.
Another route to consider would be one of the "titleing" outfits. There are
several that advertise in places like Hemmings Motor News thatcan get you up
and running. Most sem to be in Arkansas if I remebr right. What happens is
you technicly (on paper only) sell them your vehicle on a bill of sale, they
go to their local courthouse and register the vehicle. Then they sell it
back to you and send you the Arkansas plates and registration. It seems
Arkansa does not actualy issue a title for vehicles but the registration
papers are considered to be sufficient there. you then take the paperwork to
your local courthouse, DMV, or whatever and transfer the registration to
your state, getting a title and your state plates in the process. From what
I understand, the outfit in Arkansa charges about $100 plus the cost of the
Arkansa plates and registration. The paperwork they give you is honored by
all or nearly all other states in lieu of an actual title document.