Military Vehicles, November 1996,: RE: Military Use 2A - There have been some !

RE: Military Use 2A - There have been some !

Rodney A. Walker (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 08:14:55 +1100

> I recall reading something in Army Motors a while back. I'll have to
>spend some time trying to find the reference. In any case it wouldn't
>constitute proof, someone would need to find purchasing records or a
>photo as you stated.


I've read nearly every Army Motors issue, and as far as I can remember =
there has never been an article that mentions the CJ2A in military =
service. I don't think that they were used in the US Armed forces after =
the war, but that is not to say that they weren't used elsewhere in the =

I recently saw in the UK, an ex-Norwegian Air Force CJ2A, which was used =
as an Aircraf Starter. It was lovely with the with the Norwewgian =
military markings and marker lights. This was an extremely rare vehicle =
even in the Norwegian forces and very limited quantities were purchased.

The article I think that you are referring to in AM, was by Bryce =
Sunderland (I think) and was about the use of civilian spec. CJ3B and =
CJ5 finding there way into the Navy/Army/AirForce.

I have a photo of this 2A, I'll put it on my web page. I also have a =
"discovered" page now, that shows some photos of some nice unrestored =
MB/GPW/2A jeeps in Australia.