Military Vehicles, November 1996,: RE: horror stories

RE: horror stories

Todd Paisley (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 18:38:42 -0500

>Aprocximately 40 M151A2's had been turned over to a gunnery range to use as
>targets. for one reason or another, they were not used and sat in the
>gunnery range storage area for some time. In order to clean up the storage
>area, the range turned them in for disposal. The vehicles never actualy went
>to the DRMO but, since they had been turned in by the range as no longer
>needed targets, the DRMO assumed they had been used as targets and after
>being hit by artillery ec. were already destroyed. They were written off on
>paperwork by serial number as destroyed and sold as scrap.

It looks like you have done your homework with respect the M151s... I know of a
junkyard that has a few M151A2s with a "light" crush. The bodies definitely will need
some hydraulic ram attention, but I should be able to make one good one out of
about 3 or 4. (The ROPS took most of the damage.) If I get the paperwork, does
that mean I can use that paperwork to get a title? Or does the paperwork just mean
that they certified that the Jeep was destroyed? Is there anything in the paperwork
that says the buyer of the scrap metal (that was a Jeep) agrees not to restore the
Jeep to its condition prior to the demil process? Can I go to the DRMO with a
serial number and ask for the paperwork for a particular Jeep? I know they probably
don't want to do this, but could someone use a Freedom of Information Act request
to obtain that paperwork? I might be able to live with not being able to title a M151,
as long as it is legal to own the scrap metal (that once was a Jeep) and restore that
lump of scrap metal back to the form of a Jeep. (I want to preserve one, not use one
as a daily driver....)

Todd Paisley

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