Military Vehicles, November 1996,: Re: Jeep Body Buyer

Re: Jeep Body Buyer

Lida L. Bensinger (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 13:35:05 EST

I have M38A1 and M151A2, but there's rust in the bodies. It's pretty rare
tp find a 45 year old jeep body in the Northeast with no rust in it.
M38A1 is $1500 asis, not running.. a good winter project.

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On Thu, 14 Nov 1996 16:07:01 -0500 writes:
>I've been lokking for a Jeep M38, M38A1, M151A1, M151A2 or a MDA-M170
>body for some time now. Could Some-one tell me where to find one? I
>reach anywhere in the Northeast US or southeastern Cannada. I also
>heard of a
>MDA-M170, could someone tell me where to find some info on it, or a
> Thanks