Military Vehicles, June 1997,: Re: [MV] State Farm Insurance?

Re: [MV] State Farm Insurance?
2 JUN 97 17:52:10 EDT

We use our regular insurance (Nationwide Mutual) and list the jeep properly
ie: 1945 Willys- Model MB- etc. etc. and the agent took pictures and wrote
everything down. They did require three professional appraisals for the file
if we wanted collision with full replacement value but we just went with a
set amount for total loss and comprehensive ($10,000 I think it was). It's
listed as "special use only" which was defined as parades, shows, etc.. The
point about not bending the truth or whatever and documentation by the agent
not you is excellent. When you try to make a claim they will always try to
find a way out of paying. So far nobody in the CT club has reported problems
with insurance (required for registration here also) just inspection that
varies between DMV branchs. We all tend to leave out the word "military"
though and just go by manufacturer and model designation and answer truck or
jeep or ambulance (van body) when we have to fill in the spot for body style.

Just Another Bit,
Dennis O'Connor

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