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Wed, 4 Jun 1997 13:52:14 -0400 (EDT)

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Subj: Re: [MV] break drums
Date: 97-06-04 13:51:00 EDT
From: RKiser8375

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<< can anyone give me a quick how-to on removing rear break drums on my '52
i have removed the axel and the three drum screws. do i need to back off the
shoes or remove anything further.(i have not tryed the hammer yet). i also
need to know a good place to buy the tm manuals. thanks in advance
andrew petroski - cleveland, ohio >>

You can get the tech manuals from Portrayal Press (201)579-5781 or the MVPA
at (800)365-5798. I would recommend Portrayal Press as they sell TM 9 8030
for 1$ less than the MVPA and they also have the updates to the manual (sold
separately for $10) which the MVPA does not carry.

Rob Kiser
'52 M37

P.S. - Do you have a hard cab with an oval window in the back?

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