Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] MV Dealer in Rolla, MO

[MV] MV Dealer in Rolla, MO

Steven P. Allen (
Thu, 5 Jun 1997 09:44:05 -0500

Hello, folks.

I took some time off work yesterday afternoon in order to respond to all
those who wrote to ask me to get info on the MV dealer I mentioned. This
guy's an older man who seems to know his stuff, regularly deals with
collectors, and is friendly and helpful.. His health isn't great (back
trouble), but he likes to talk and help.

Warren E. Dean
Dean's Surplus
H. C. R. 35, Box 5
Rolla, MO 65401
(573) 364-3114 or 364-2539

He let me wonder around his yard; he says he doesn't have much WW II stuff,
but he does have M37 engines and parts. As I wondered through (most of) his
yard, I found:

An M715,
A Gamma Goat,
Several generators, many on trailers,
Some M313? 6-ton Semi-trailers,
Some M139 Bridge transporters, some on trailers, some on trucks,
NUMEROUS 2 1/2s and 5-tons: M44-58s, some nearly complete, lots of good
sheet-metal, M328, M139, 5-ton Dump,lots of pieces, some running,
A Dodge Flat-Bed 1 1/4,
LOTS of Trailers, 1/4-ton and up,
Two BIG, articulated, 4-whl trucks whose cabs were stripped of mechanicals (?),
LOTS of M151 1/2s and 1/4s, parts and pieces, AND (wait for it!),

At Least half a dozen M151s (most relatively complete, two little more than

He also has stacks of tires, piles of parts and add-ons, and lots of
construction equipment, most civilian but some military.

He knows more about what he has than I do, so call him. I've bought a few
things from him (years ago), and I found him to be reasonable. He gave me a
discount for removing them myself: FYI. So, give him a call.

Since I'm local, I'll do what I can to help out anyone on the list, but have
patience with me: I work two jobs and have a pregnant wife. I'll be glad to
help, but it may take me a while.

Steven P. Allen, Rolla, MO, USA: <>
PH: Daytime work: (573) 341-3350, Somes Nights home: (573) 265-3199

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