Military Vehicles, June 1997,: Re:[MV] What is it

Re:[MV] What is it

sonik (
Mon, 09 Jun 97 22:04:31 PDT

Then it's a CJ3B. The hood is higher which is one of the first things I
noticed. It has the Wyllis name and a line stamped along each side of the
hood. The wheels looked very military - they seemed too big for the size of
the truck. I couldn't get real close because it was fenced off, but they
looked like 16 or maybe 17(?) inch rims made from a simple convex disc with
radial holes. They looked like big torque-convertors with thin tires around
them! BTW, what's this thing worth? Apparently the car lot it's at isn't
too proud of it and I hate to see good iron (not in the scrap sense of
course) go to waste. It has a good bit of rust but then so does my Suburban.

Jacksonville, FL

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