Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] Unimogs

[MV] Unimogs

sonik (
Mon, 09 Jun 97 22:30:46 PDT

On my way to the Saturday night Mud Boggs in Orlando, I happened to notice
a Unimog at a heavy equipment dealer. Turns out they have 4 Unimog-S Type
404's. They are all communications trucks less the comm gear but great for
camping I would imagine. I asked the guy inside and he said they all run.
Condition was fair. He said they are 66-67 and he wants $6500 US for them.
They were originally German military and then used apparently in Holland -
"Sodetrack Holland" on the door of one.
Anyway, here's the info:

KCS Tractors
Orlando, FL USA

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