Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] Gage , drive pinion setting set

[MV] Gage , drive pinion setting set

Top Wouter (
Sat, 10 Jun 1995 23:25:35 +-200

I'm rebuilding my transmission on my MB'44 and need to
find ("Gage , drive pinion setting set nr 41-G-176")
Does anyone know where to find these in Europe (in Belgium or around.)
or in US. (Please addresses what about oversea shipment)

I also need
1. a remover for the outer oil seal 41-r-2384-38
2. replacer 41-R-2391-20.
3. dial Indicator 41-I-100

If you do NOT have these tools
what is a good way check the ring gear backlash and run-out. check the pinion in the differntial housing and remove and install new oil seal on the axel housing.

I have to rebuild the axel because there 2 bolds that hold the lock plates that broke and
damaged the pinion and the differential ring gear.I saw the problems when replacing
the gasket between differential and axle housing.

As the oil seals leaks they need to be replaced.

Help is appreciated

Wouter J.M.C. TOP
Brussels (Belgium- WEurope)
MB '44 in restoration

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