Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] MV - Saladin that's worth a look.

[MV] MV - Saladin that's worth a look.

Dominic Forlizzi (
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 00:20:04 +0100

This is for a friend - who's not on the net (yet).

Quote: This superb Saladin armoured car has seen active service with
over 5 armoured regiments (one of only 13 Saladins kept in Cyprus) has
been carefully and lovingly restored with a complete *down to base
metal* job done on it.

It's got loads of kit with it (too much to mention here) and is fully -
and correctly - badged up with genuine insignia.

History and details available on request, but one of its claims to fame
is that it was the official escort to the Queen (Elizabeth II) at the
Tank Museum on the 29th May, 1997, celebrating both the Royal Tank
Regiments' 80th and the Queens' 75th birthday and it was utilised at the
end of the day for beating the retreat.

Your chance to get your hands on a piece of past present and future

Please e-mail for more details.

Dominic Forlizzi

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