Military Vehicles, June 1997,: Re: [MV] M38A1 F-Head Engine Oil Leak

Re: [MV] M38A1 F-Head Engine Oil Leak

Whiskey_Bravo (
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 22:07:46 -0400

Andrea/Michael Seils wrote:

> >
> >Hello all:
> >
> >I am new to this list and hope that some of you out there can help me
> locate a owners manual for my 1952 M38A1 Jeep. I am looking for a
> manual
> that will show me what and where my snorkle gear consists of and where
> it
> goes. It is soon to be hunting season here in CA and am hoping that I
> will
> have the jeep ready to cross a few of the streams that my two wheel
> drive
> couldn't. I had my rear main seal replaced last week and hope to have
> the
> jeep up and running by this weekend. Also does anyone know where I
> can get
> an original carb? For those of you that wrote me before with snorkle
> info,
> could you please tell me what your kit consists of.
> thanks in advance
> mike
> mseils@tcsn
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Hello, Mike,

I sold my last M38A1 when I bought my 1944 Ford 15 CWT CMP back in 1987,
so I'm drawing a lot on memory here.... what you're looking for is
properly called a FORDING KIT. I had one for my Jeep, and if I remember
correctly, it consisted of hardware and extension tube to run the air
intake through that port in the right side of the hood, and up the
windshield, as well as the adapter brackets and extension exhaust which
would bolt onto a STOCK tail pipe. It's pretty useless

That by itself doesn't render the vehicle totally waterproof, only
capable of withstanding infrequent 'baths'. You have to make sure that
ALL your electrics are new or nearly new, and plug all the
crankcase/transmission/transfer case/axle breathers for the temporary
immersion. If you don't, you'll have to change all those fluids right
after, because they'll be contaminated with water. And don't leave the
breathers plugged, either....

Even without all these precautions, you can ford SLOWLY for short
distances about up to your floorboards, but don't stall out or get
stuck! There is a manual out there for fording preps but I can't think
of the name off hand.


Geoff Winnington-Ball
"Keep 'em Rolling"

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