Military Vehicles, June 1997,: Re: [MV] Jet Hot process on exhaust manifold

Re: [MV] Jet Hot process on exhaust manifold

R. Notton (
Sun, 15 Jun 1997 03:34:13 -0400

Message text written by Stu Ellis
>Jeep wrote:
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> Hello everyone,
> =

> I am getting ready to order a N.O.S. exhaust manifold for my M38A1. Has=

> anyone had the opportunity to have there exhaust manifold treated by Je=
> Hot? If so how much did it cost and how well did it work?
> =

> For those who do not know what Jet Hot does apparently they can coat an=

> exhaust manifold with some type of solution that will keep it from
> They dip the manifold so both the outside and inside are done. Also the=

> treatment is supposed to keep the manifold temperature low, and does no=
> burn off like paint. This is also available for old manifolds that are
> rusted. Apparently they dip them in a cleaner first and it strips all t=
> old rust and gunk off then they seal it.
> Available in assorted colors. I think I will go with clear though. Unle=
> someone tells me that the M38A1 manifold was painted a specific color.
> =

> Any information on the cost and effectiveness of this treatment would b=
> greatly appreciated.
> =

> Jeffrey R Granai
> 54 M38A1
> Webster MA
> Hi Jeff! I have had my M38A1 for four years with no exhaust manifold
Rust. I painted mine with high heat black spray paint, as well as the
exhaust and pipes. I don't think the investment will be worth it.
> =3D=3D=3D

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Stu & Meredith Derry, NH, USA
"Live Free Or Die" 1952 M38A1<

Hi All,
We have a product called "Sperex VHT" (very high temp) that is just spray=
on from an aerosol then you run the engine to bake it, comes in every
colour imaginable. I have used this previously with good success and the=
must be the same/similar product in the US. A delve into your custom
car/hot rod world would probably turn something up.

Southampton UK - FV 623 with exhaust manifold in standard British Militar=

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