Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] M37/M715 debate

[MV] M37/M715 debate

Jim Allen (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 21:10:19 -0700

I think that maybe be can all agree
on certain points:

Well not quite. Read 1-4 and then read #5.

1) Keep the Military Vehicle as stock as possible and try to restore it
to original condition if at all possible. We are mere custodians of these
vehicles, we owe it to future generations to preserve them intact.

2) If a vehicle has already been modified way beyond the point of an
accurate restoration, don't screw it up any more. There are restorers out
there that may need the one part you have to complete their vehicle.

3) If a vehicle has been modified, try to keep the outward appearence as
original as possible. If you want to change things, keep the cutting
torch out of the picture and figure out a way to build brackets, etc. so
someone at a later date can restore the vehicle to original.

4) (I have some other items in my mind, but leave the list open for
discussion. What do you all of you think?)

#5) The guy who has the title has the final word!. We may or may not like
what he does, or how he does it but as long as this is a free country,
we'll have to choke it down. 'Course we are free to verbally abuse them
unmercifully on the internet!!!

Jim Allen

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