Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] Re; Mil firetruck info request

[MV] Re; Mil firetruck info request

Nelson & Jane Dionne (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 17:09:43 -0400 (EDT)

Hello All;

This info request is being posted for Jim Davis (5 Iliwai Loop, Kihei,
Maui, Hawaii, 96753-7102). Jim was a military firefighter in an Engineer
Firefighting Platoon, and has written a history of his unit. This may be
the only thing to ever go into print on this type of unit/activity. Write
him to obtain a copy.
He is especially interested in hearing from anybody with info on WWII
fire trucks, especially the 4x4 types. He needs ANY info on the Class 1000,
1010, 1020 and 1030 trailer pumps. The John Bean Corp. built trailer pumps
but it appears that the info on them is long lost in coporate mergers.
Trying to get anything out of government archives has been an exercise in
Jim also needs anything on Engineer Aviation Firefighting Platoons,
controled by the Army Air Corps. It appears that WWII AAC info is now under
the control of the USAF, and they don't seem to want anybody to know that
they did anything but fly planes during the war! (notice that they NEVER
seem to write about the guys who repaired the planes, or otherwise manned
their bases?) Anything that could be contributed by readers of this BB would
be appreciated. Info really needed wold be anything on the Class 150 (Cardox
CO-2) and Class 155 (hi-pressure fog/foam) trucks. He believes that they,
along with the CCKW mounted Class 530 trucks did not see service until after
the war was over. Any comments??
If anyone on the list has any manuals covering military WWII
firetrucks, please drop Jim a line, or just e-mail me. With the type of
research Jim is doing, likely that the first few pages of a manual may
contain the info he needs.
Last but not least, does anybody know if there is anybody doing paid
research at the Carlisle Barracks or National Archives?

Your help will be appreciated!

Nelson Dionne
MVCC #411
Salem, MA USA

P.S. There are extremely few people interested in WWII military
firefighting, or who may have been mil FF's; if you know of anybody, drop a
note with the info.

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