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Re: [MV] Military Vehicle Preservation

Wed, 18 Jun 1997 14:16:57 -0600

At 01:31 PM 6/18/97 -0
>However, as far as the MVPA is concerned, I believe that they should adopt
>the items listed above as an official platform(if they haven't already) in
>order to preserve the MV's that we take for granted for future generations.
> I'm sure I'll get a lot of heat for this one. Let me know what y'alls
>thoughts are.
>Rob Kiser
>'52 M37
Rob, I understand why you want to do this, and I can agree with the
principle. The problem is this: I don't have a garage. Does that mean
that I can't be an MVPA member? My M416 must sit outside, but so must my
Pickup and my wife's (very nice) car. So must my two antique John Deere
tractors. I just can't afford a garage right now.

Sure, I can toss a tarp over the trailer (in fact, I have), but that tarp is
not much real protection, all things considered. So, maybe I should sell my
MV (sorta) in order to belong to a MV Preservation Association? Seems a tad
backward to me.

I, personally, would never trash an MV. God knows, if I ever get what I
want, I have no intention of butchering it. But, before we alienate too
many members of the hobby, policies like this need close scrutiny.

Steve Allen, Rolla, MO, USA


I'm also a member of the garage-less masses and must second the motion. That
the vehicle gets regular use, maintenance, and cleaning I think is more
important than a covered parking spot. (Don't get me wrong, I'd love a garage
if I could get my hands on one. Ever tried to change the rear seal in six
inches of snow? Fun Fun)

Chris Davis
'62 M151
Salt Lake City, UT

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