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Re: [MV] Military Vehicle Preservation

Jerry Cleveland (
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 06:49:16 -0600

The MVPA Mission Statement includes the wording "dedicated to the
collection, preservation and resotration of military vehicles, and the
education of members and the public".

If you've been to an MVPA International Convention, and I hope you have,
you know the emphasis is on restored MVs. The free seminars at the
conventions deal with issues like tracking down MV electrical problems,
not repowering or otherwise altering vehicles.

In the past, the MVPA considered establishment of a combined national
headquarters and museum with acquisition of representative MVs for
display. Many members were outraged that the MVPA would be in
"competition" with individual members and businesses for vehicles.

We have also considered the idea of the auction of a restored MV at the
annual convention as a fundraiser but it is a complex problem as the
laws vary so much from state to state, especially in relation to a
non-profit organization.

We haven't rejected all ideas such as yours. In fact, we're still
considering a variety of such proposals. I've forwarded your comments to
both the MVPA HQ and the MVPA President and I'm sure they will be
discussed at the Board of Directors Meeting in July.

"Keep 'em Rolling!"

Jerry Cleveland, SUPPLY LINE Editor
Military Vehicle Preservation Association

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