Military Vehicles, June 1997,: Re[2]: [MV] Radio help

Re[2]: [MV] Radio help

jhlang (jhlang@Sourcecom.Com)
Thu, 19 Jun 97 16:49:28 -0800


Most probably it was a VRC-3 through 8. The specific setup could vary
depending on what equipment was used. It could be one
Receiver/Transmitter (R/T) and two Receivers (R) or it could be two
R/T's and one Receiver or one of each. There was also a Power supply.
These would be marked PP- something (damn, but I just can't remember
that number right now.) Inside the power supply were pull-out modules,
one for 6V DC, 12V DC and one for 24V DC.

The radios consisted of an RT-66, 67 or 68 and the Receivers were an
R-108, 108 or 110. The difference between these were the band that it
operated on. The range was from about 28Mhz to 54Mhz. I don't
remember the exact split between them right now.

There was also a low powered unit used for convoy operations so the
signal would not radiate far and give their positon away. This unit
is the RT-70 which had a powersupply/amplifier AM-65.

There were several mounts, but the only one I remember is the MT-327.
There was also a waterproof enclosure that was made and a waterproof
battery box. (I still have the battery box.)

I see these radios every now and again at Ham swaps and I know Fair
Radio Sales in Ohio still has a few. Good little radios, but
sometimes a little finicky. Make sure that if you get some working
that you don't transmit on 51-54Mhz. Its the amatuer 6M band.

Hope this was of help.


Jared Lang
SMVCC Burbank, CA, USA (1977 M882 with AN/GRC-142E Comm Shelter
(Ham Tech+ N6VUE)

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Subject: Re: [MV] Radio help
Author: Matt and Kathy Oliver <> at SMTP-Gateway
Date: 6/18/97 9:29 PM

Hi Rob & Greg, You sound like you might know a thing or two about
radios. We have a 3/4 ton Carryall (WC53) and I am trying to find out
what ragio set up would have gone in it. We have the info for the rear
radio table, the power connections, the antenna and antenna gaurd but I
don't know what radio we should be looking for. Any ideas would be
appreciated. Thanks, Kathy

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